The Narragunnawali RAP framework outlines a sustainable, holistic approach to driving reconciliation in education by building relationships, respect and opportunities: 

• in the classroom (in teaching, learning and curricula)  
• around the school (in the ethos and activities within the wider school or service environment)  
• with the community (in the partnerships that extend beyond the school or service gates).   

The RAP framework comprises 40 Actions, 14 of which are required to maintain consistency and quality across all RAPs. Your unique context will guide how your school or service meaningfully implements the Actions committed to in your RAP.  

Explore the interactive RAP Framework and use the Narragunnawali RAP Framework professional learning resource to learn more. To support with planning, you can also download and print PDF versions of the framework: 

• as a blank template  
• showing the required RAP Actions  
• showing all RAP Actions. 

Required Actions
All Actions

Required Actions