The Narragunnawali RAP framework outlines a sustainable, whole-scale approach to driving reconciliation in education by building relationships, respect and opportunities in the classroom, around the school or early learning service and with the community alike. There are 14 required Actions within this framework which are essential to maintaining institutional integrity and enabling a consistent minimum standard for RAPs. A range of other recommended Actions can also be added to school or early learning service RAPs and, of course, the ways in which these RAP Actions are then implemented, or ‘put into action’, can be incredibly innovative and diverse, depending on the particular local context.

To support your school or early learning service in developing its Reconciliation Action Plan, you can explore the interactive RAP framework below and engage with the accompanying professional learning resource. You can also download and print PDF copies of the Narragunnawali RAP framework as a blank template; showing the required RAP Actions; or showing all RAP Actions.

Required Actions
All Actions

Required Actions