Evaluation & Impact

Reconciliation Australia supports and contributes to research about reconciliation in education and reconciliation through education. 

This research helps to keep the Narragunnawali program responsive to key learnings and evidence-informed updates.

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External Evaluation of Narragunnawali

Share your feedback and ideas!

"The Narragunnawali site is such a fantastic and rich source of resources - it’s an educator’s dream!" - Teacher, June 2021

We love receiving questions, suggestions and success stories from teachers, educators and other members of educational communities across the country. The Narragunnawali program and online platform wouldn’t be what it is today without the continued feedback and ideas from the wider reconciliation in education community of practice. Be part of the process and have your say in the User Experience Survey: 

Other ways to share your feedback and ideas include:

• Use the 'Give Feedback' button on any professional learning or curriculum resource page to share your experience of using that resource, including positive stories of how you used it as well as any challenges and opportunities you found. 
• Click the 'Suggest a RAP Action' link at the bottom of the RAP Actions list to put forward an Action not already covered by the existing list.

Please contact us for further support or to:

• invite the Narragunnawali team to contribute to a reconciliation in education-related research forum, consultation session or policy review
• suggest opportunities for knowledge exchanges or co-authored publications
• learn more about our terms and conditions for data collection/dissemination. 

Collaborate with us!

Contact us to: 

• learn more about the Narragunnawali and wider Reconciliation Australia team's involvement in research, policy and/or advocacy campaigns.
• invite our team to contribute to a future reconciliation in education-related research forum, consultation session or policy review.

Reconciliation Australia is committed to supporting wider Education sector research and policy development. See, for example, Reconciliation Australia's submission in response to the Review to Inform a Better and Fairer Education System

For tips on monitoring and evaluating your own school or early learning service's RAP progress, click here