Balnarring Pre-School

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Early learning service
August 2023 to August 2024

Balnarring Pre-School recognises the importance for all children to value and learn about the cultures of Australia’s First Peoples, to create a society that respects diversity and celebrates relationships and connectedness. We acknowledge reconciliation to be on a continuum, as our knowledge and understanding deepens and our teaching practices reflect that learning. The teaching team will regularly engage in professional development to obtain deeper understanding and increased confidence for that knowledge to guide curriculum development. Through the children’s and teaching team’s engagement in learning about Australia’s First Peoples, the Pre-School community will come to recognise and know the importance of learning with Country in order to develop strong relationships and respect for all: the Land, creatures, people. The teaching team will continue to engage with Elders and First Peoples to develop their practice and knowledge, and intentionally teach the local language with permission and guidance from the Boon Wurrung Elders. Our program will include a variety of resources to support the program development and practices. The children will participate in regular sessions and experiences that involves them connecting with the environment and caring for the Land.

Application of the Learning and Living with Country philosophy to respectfully embed First Peoples perspectives will make the visions and intentions of the program visible to all who enter the centre and interact with the program.

and interact with the program. It is our aim that through these practices a culturally safe place is created where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families connect with their cultural identities and develop a sense of Belonging within the Pre-School. First Peoples histories, relationships and voices are valued and respected. The children, families and community who engage in programs will come to know the long-standing and continuing histories of First Peoples through their stories/art/songs/dance/music/language.