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For Echidna Early Learning Centre, reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians is an ongoing shared journey of respectful actions. At Echidna Early Learning Centre we believe reconciliation means an ongoing commitment to building respectful, trusting and authentic two way relationships where actions are developed together to work towards a reconciled community and join together in the goal of a reconciled Australia.

A reconciled Australia will provide a country where we share an understanding and provide  opportunities for all to develop a greater understanding and support for Australia’s First Peoples as we embrace the findings of The State of Reconciliation in Australia Report 2016 and commit to developing the five dimensions identified within: race relations, equality and equity, institutional integrity, unity and historical acceptance (cited on 9.1.19 at, A reconciled Australia will embrace Dr Adela A Allen’s quote

 “We should acknowledge differences, we should greet differences, until differences make no difference.”


Echidna Early Learning Centre acknowledges the need to be dedicated to create an environment which is visibly welcoming and inviting for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and community members which feels safe, free from judgement.


Echidna Early Learning is committed to ongoing learning and teaching environment to develop an understanding of the many expectations and aspirations, both past and present, knowledge about historical events, connections to the land, traditions, languages, and child rearing practices. We celebrate the benefits this will bring in our understanding of the many ways of being as we foster equality and identities identities and support the education of our children and provide a place where Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders and all Australians belong together.


Our sphere of influence begins from each and every one of us at Echidna Early Learning Centre as we engage in intentional learning and teaching as individuals, a service and a community to unite for the greater goal of a Reconciled Australia.

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