RAP Working Group Kit

The resources below are are designed to support the establishment of your school or early learning service's RAP Working Group, as well as to equip your RAP Working Group with information and ideas to support RAP Working Group administration and activities. 

For additional guidance, consider engaging with Narragunnawali's RAP Action-aligned professional learning activities (including webinars). You are also welcome to explore the FAQs page and contact the Narragunnawali team to discuss any further questions or suggestions.


Narragunnawali Flyer

A one-page summary sheet about Reconciliation Australia's Narragunnawali program for distribution to prospective Working Group members, and wider members of your educational community. (PDF, 532 KB)

Key Messages - Reconciliation in Education

A list of key messages pertaining to reconciliation in education to inspire your school or early learning service's planning conversations and approaches to action. (PDF, 357 KB)

Copy of Narragunnawali Terminology Guide

Guiding information to support the use of respectful and inclusive language and terminology in the drafting of your RAP, and in wider reconciliation-related communications. (PDF, 325 KB)

Establishing Your RAP Working Group - FAQs

A short series of responses to frequently asked questions pertaining to establishing your school or early learning service's RAP Working Group. (PDF, 447 KB)

Template RAP Working Group Expression of Interest Letter

Draft text that can be adopted and adapted when seeking expressions of interest from members of your educational community to join your school or early learning service's RAP Working Group. (MS Word, 21 KB)

Sample RAP Working Group Meeting Agenda Items

An example list of agenda items for your first – or follow-up – RAP Working Group meeting(s). The list is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive and you are welcome to adopt and adapt it to suit the particular needs and aspirations of your school or early learning service community. (PDF, 317 KB)

Copy of RAP Reflection Survey Questions

An offline copy of the RAP Reflection Survey questions, should you wish to distribute these to diverse members of your school/early learning community to complete before entering the average/aggregate Survey responses into your online Narragunnawali RAP account. (PDF, 350 KB)

Calendar of Dates of National Significance

Annual dates of national significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and/or to reconciliation in Australia. Consider also populating this calendar with dates of significance to your school or early learning service’s particular local context, community and reconciliation journey. (PDF, 250 KB)

Required RAP Actions Playlist

A series of short films showcasing reflections on, and work towards, each of the minimally required RAP Actions in schools and early learning services. Each film can also be found under its respective RAP Action page on the Narragunnawali platform: www.narragunnawali.org.au/rap/actions. (YouTube playlist, 15 films)

Setting Goals and Deliverables - FAQs

Guiding responses to frequently asked questions pertaining to adding Goals and/or Deliverables to your school or early learning service's RAP Action commitments. (PDF, 532 KB)

Sample Website and E-Signature Text

Sample text that members of your RAP Working Group and/or wider educational community may consider including on your school or early learning service’s website, or within email signatures, to acknowledge your engagement with the Narragunnawali program and RAP development process. (PDF, 351 KB)

Doing Reconciliation Remotely

Tips for taking action towards reconciliation in online classrooms, and via ‘virtual’ communities of practice. (PDF, 359KB)