Sparrow Early Learning Sandstone Point

Early learning service
November 2022 to November 2023

Sparrow Early Learning, Sandstone Point is committed as individuals and as a team towards raising an awareness and fostering an understanding of Australias true history and how together we can strive for reconciliation. Our practices and curriculum are delivered in a way which respects Australia's First Nations Peoples and their cultures. We have a statement of inclusion woven withinour service philosophy and our service will provide equal and equitable education and care for allchildren and their families.

Our Educators are committed to professional growth and are committed to continuing todevelop adeeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples histories and cultures and further their knowledge on inclusiveness and ways in which we can provide a culturally safe and respectful environment.

 We will continue to create a culturally safe space that is free of racism, and where Australias First Nations Peoples can feel a sense of belonging and feel at home within our learning environment.

We have developed relationships with local Elders and have consulted with them about  their vision of reconciliation. We seek to continue to build and maintain these meaningful relationships based upon trust and respect with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

We support First Nations educators to find opportunities to proudly and safely share their cultures, knowledges and expertise with our community.

Sparrow Early Learning is an organisation that is active in supporting reconciliation across our everyday business and community engagement activities.

We are committed to ensuring that every child and family has strong knowledge and understanding of the continued significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures and of the stories and wisdom that Australias First Nations Peoples offer.