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Holsworthy Early Education and Care Centre is committed to reconciliation. Reconciliation is about recognising and respecting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and histories. We believe that through working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, we will develop positive relationships and understanding. This is significant in nurturing an equal, equitable and inclusive future. Our philosophy values cultural competence and local community relationships, and we aim to involve those from all backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children. At Holsworthy Early Education and Care Centre we acknowledge the Dharawal people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Land which we currently stand upon. 

We believe that early education is crucial in continuing and supporting the process of reconciliation, by fostering the knowledge of staff, families and children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and cultures. Our service is dedicated to developing each child and family's sense of belonging. We aim to achieve this by creating an environment that respect and practises cultural competence.

We will work towards reconciliation by working collaboratively with staff, families, children and Aboriginal members of the community, to continually raise awareness and empathy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' true histories. As we embark on this journey we will be extending our current knowledge of the histories and contemporary issues and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples. We then hope to respectfully share and embed this knowledge in our learning curriculum.

We would like to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by learning more about the Dharawal language and practises, embedding them into our program.

We also aim to deepen our relationship and respect for the Land our service is on by exploring the history and continuing connections to Country of the Dharawal people. 

This vision statement for reconciliation is ongoing, it will develop over time as we are learning and gaining deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We will strive to acknowledge the past and use it to construct a respectful and shared future. 

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