Heritage Early Childhood Centre


Our Vision for reconciliation is to look forward to a day where all Australians celebrate the longstanding and continuing contributions of the First Australians to our nation's shared history and identity. It is important that we, as a country, recognise our true histories and past, present and continuing cultures. We strive to ensure that we continue to respectfully embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in all that we do. We are committed to reaching out to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our community to break down barriers and move forward together.

We explore community with our children by going outside the fence. We aim to provide learning opportunities for students to engage in learning on Ngunawal land, begin to learn Ngunawal language and, where possible, explore other languages of First Australians. As a small community-based centre, we are committed to support and develop relationships with other small communities and organisations. We also wish to build our resources for teaching and purchase items to support small business and the expert artisans creating them.

We acknowledge that it's a child's right to learn about this land, the Traditional Custodians and their histories. We understand the importance of connecting children to the natural world in order to develop their respect for maintaining the health and beauty of the environment. We are committed to teaching children to care for and respect the Land and to love all the beauty and freedom it has to offer.

We believe that children who are respected and know their rights can be empowered to advocate for other's rights. We aim to develop children's empathy to help others. We also acknowledge that racism has no place in Heritage Early Childhood Centre or in the wider community, and commit to providing tools and resources to take action against racism and build inclusive learning environments that embrace diversity. As Early Childhood Educators, we understand that 'from little things, big things grow' and that a child's learning journey and reconciliation journey begins here.   

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November 2019 to November 2020
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