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3 Apr 2023

Narragunnawali Platform Updates

Noticed anything new on the Narragunnawali platform? We’re continually ensuring that the features, functions and resources on the Narragunnawali platform are updated to best support our community of practice and your dedication to driving reconciliation in education.  

You can share your feedback and ideas on the Narragunnawali Platform via our User Experience Survey

In the meantime, here are some platform updates that you may have noticed: 

Professional Learning and Curriculum 

Following the release of Version 9.0 of the Australian Curriculum, all primary and secondary curriculum resources have now been linked to this latest version. 

Teaching staff can also access an updated Curriculum Audit professional learning resource, with attachment links to subject-specific mapping documents, highlighting where and how the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority can be effectively embedded.   

Similarly, the My Time, Our Place and Early Years Learning Framework RAP Action pages, along with the professional learning and curriculum resources that support these Actions, have been adjusted in response to ACECQA’s recently released updates to the Frameworks. 

To further support with curriculum planning, we’ve also refreshed our Evaluating Resources Guide, which can be accessed within a brand new Reconciliation Teacher Toolkit!  

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) 

We’ve updated some of the logic behind adding RAP Actions and aligned Deliverables. To reflect the intent for Actions to be an ongoing, whole-school/service commitment, your RAP Working Group will no longer be required to set specific due dates against Actions or assign these to individual members of your school or service community.  

Instead you can use Deliverables to set and assign specific tasks, and deadlines towards implementing a RAP Action. Setting Deliverables is a great way to personalise and localise your school or early learning service’s RAP commitments, to track progress and hold yourself accountable.  

To ensure that your RAP remains a dynamic, living document, RAPs will not be able to be submitted for Principal/Director approval, and to Reconciliation Australia for final review and publication, if there are any incomplete, overdue Deliverables. Make sure to review and update your Deliverables, as relevant to your school or early learning service’s reconciliation journey.   
We hope you get a lot out of these updates! Don’t forget to visit the Account Settings page should you need to update your own personal account details.