Reconciliation Teacher Toolkit

"[Engaging with reconciliation in education is] empowering and informative. The more understanding I gather, the more I need to know!" (Educator)

This toolkit includes a selection of core resources to support teachers and educators to drive reconciliation in the classroom and learning environments.  

The toolkit:
•    Guides individual teachers and educators on their personal and professional reconciliation in education journeys 
•    Helps prepare pre-service teachers in their culturally responsive pedagogical development   
•    Supports the inclusion  of reconciliation in classrooms and learning environments 

Resources within this toolkit are guiding examples only and do not replace the advice from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involved in curriculum planning or support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in your school or service. For further guidance and resources, visit the Professional Learning landing page, check out our FAQs, or contact us.  

For resources to support all members of educational communities


Guiding information for including reconciliation in classroom and learning environments.

Terminology Guide

Guiding information to support the use of respectful and inclusive language and terminology in reconciliation-related communications.

Subject Guides

A suite of resource guides to support the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures across all subject/learning areas.

Evaluating Resources

Guiding information to support critical reflection into resources used in learning environments and experiences.

Tackling Tokenism

Professional learning resource to inspire meaningful and responsive learning resources and experiences.

Cultural Safety and Respect in the Classroom

Professional learning resource for understanding the important place and practice of cultural safety in education environments.

Bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives into the Classroom: No Excuses

Professional learning resource to help navigate key questions or insecurities you may have around bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the classroom.

Reconciliation In Education: Learning, Unlearning, Relearning

Professional learning resource to support understanding of the importance of ongoing personal and professional learning, unlearning and relearning within the reconciliation process.

Curriculum Audit - Schools

Helpful template for identifying opportunities for including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content and perspectives in unit plans and across the curriculum.

Curriculum Audit - Early Learning

Helpful template for identifying opportunities for including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content and perspectives in planned learning experiences.

Reconciliation in Education Webinar Series

On-demand webinar series providing an introduction to the concept and context of reconciliation in Australia; the importance of using respectful and inclusive language; and advice on how to take practical and informed action towards reconciliation in education!

Narragunnawali Professional Learning FAQs

Some frequently asked questions about engaging with professional learning on the Narragunnawali platform.