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18 Apr 2024


The National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2024 theme Now More Than Ever highlights the importance of unity and action in advancing the rights and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It calls upon the 6.2 million Australians who showed their support during the Voice to Parliament referendum to keep the momentum going and deepen their commitment to reconciliation. This includes engaging in truth-telling, treaty-making, and enhancing our collective understanding of the true histories of this nation. The theme emphasises the need for respect, connection, and decisive action, urging all Australians to act towards meaningful change and the ongoing journey of reconciliation. 

NRW 2024 Curriculum Resources 

Tied to the broader Celebrate National Reconciliation Week RAP Action, our NRW resources can support your school or early learning service with practical ways to bring the 2024 theme into classrooms, learning environments, and the community. 

Early Learning NRW 2024 curriculum resource
Primary NRW 2024 curriculum resource
Secondary NRW 2024 curriculum resource

Get creative with the NRW 2024 Colouring Resource! Perfect for schools, early learning services, work, home or at your local NRW event.

Use the community installation activity guide to help design your individual or group NRW 2024 learniIng activity. There's space for drawing and/or writing commitments or as a prompt for reflective converstations.

Now More Than Ever: Unpacking the NRW 2024 Theme  

This webinar will unpack the National Reconciliation Week 2024 theme, Now More than Ever, through conversation with Reconciliation Australia's CEO, Karen Mundine, and insights shared by the Narragunnawali team. Register now!