Riverdene Kindergarten


Riverdene Kindergarten is committed to developing an environment that fosters a high level of acknowledgement and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures and contributions. Our kindergarten community supports and advocates for an inclusive and culturally safe environment, that fosters acceptance and tolerance, embracing the many cultural identities with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within our kindergarten. We believe reconciliation is about acknowledging the past, the injustices and ramifications that surround our present as a result of our history since colonisation. It is also an opportunity to challenge attitudes/beliefs within our community, as well as a plan for an equitable Australia into the future. Early Childhood is at the forefront of reconciliation and has the ability to make great change into the future through intentional teaching and actively supporting exploration of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples histories, cultures and contributions. We endeavour to be active participants in recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ resilience, strengths and courage in acknowledging and supporting their histories, cultures and contributions in Australia. 

Early learning service
September 2019 to September 2020
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Classroom View
Cultural Competence for Staff View
Reconciliation Projects View
Celebrate National Reconciliation Week View
Teach about Reconciliation View
Acknowledgement of Country View
Visibly Demonstrate Respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures View
Celebrate Days of National Significance View
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags View
Physical Acknowledgement of Country View
Take Action Against Racism View
Curriculum Planning View
Inclusive Policies View
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Explore Current Affairs and Issues View
Welcome to Country View
Staff Engagement with RAP View
Build Relationships with Community View
My Time, Our Place (School Age Care) View
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