Milestones Early Learning Raby

Early learning service
April 2022 to April 2023

Milestones Early Learning Raby’s vision for reconciliation is a future that earnestly acknowledges and values through recognition and respect, the cultural histories, heritage, traditions and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to our Milestones Early Learning Centre and the wider community.  This we aim to achieve through our commitments to a continuous, collaborative and reflective research, and communications with our local and wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  We will take on this responsibility in order to continue to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the First Nation People of Australia’s’ uniqueness, resourcefulness and wealth.  These values which enrich our present and future society, we pledge to instill within our Milestones community.

What inspiresus to endorse and advocate reconciliation, at Milestones Raby is  our commitments to a pedagogy of equity and equal opportunities.  Also, the cherished presented opportunities to provide our children in their important and impressionable early years of the here and now, with team learning experiences that will invigorate them to engage their sense of agency to impact our future society.  Therefore, the importance of the experiences and knowledge we provide our children with now, will have an impact on their future love for learning and the ultimate success of our nation.  Partnerships with families and our local and wider communities are also inspirations we thrive on to extend our knowledge and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' histories, cultures and heritage, as we share our families' first-hand knowledge and understanding; and the wider community’s rich cultures.