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Here at Blackalls Park Community Preschool firstly we would like to acknowledge that the Awabakal people are the Traditional Custodians of the Land in Lake Macquarie where we live. We acknowledge and understand reconciliation is a continuous process. We recognise it requires respectful acknowledgement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the First Peoples of Australia, and Awabakal people, the First People of Lake Macquarie and also acknowledging the impact that colonisation has had on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.

 We acknowledge that meaningful and authentic education about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories is paramount to the children’s learning and breaking down barriers, stereo typing and developing respect. We welcome and embrace relationships with our local Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander community and believe these relationships are essential for authentic learning, developing knowledge, understanding and respect.

Our aim is to have a centre where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples feel welcome and relaxed. We will work to do this by an inclusive program and undertake unbiased practices and develop a sense of inclusion, respect, belonging, being and becoming for all.

We believe that understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' perspectives and connections to place, human spirit, respect for mother earth, land, sun, sea, rain, wind, the natural environment and all living things can benefit all children, families and local community.

We endeavour  to encourage our educators to support the children's developing knowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by including educational intentional teaching experiences, learning experiences that prompt curiosity and authentic facts of our local Awabakal people in our program.

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