Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education

June 2021 to June 2022

Mumbulla School’s Vision for Reconciliation

Mumbulla School strives for truth-telling through acknowledging and respecting First Nations people's sovereignty, history and culture as the Traditional Custodians of this Land; always was, always will be.   

Our School's Mission states that we aim to prepare our students to go into the world to "...act in freedom, with intelligence, creativity and purpose in a changing world."  Integral to this is our commitment to embedding all five dimensions of Reconciliation, as articulated 2021 Statement of Reconciliation in Australia Report: Moving from Safe to Brave by Reconciliation Australia, into our school's curriculum and ethos.  We are committed to a curriculum that teaches First Nations people’s heritage, culture and identity. 

  • Race relations 
  • Equality and equity 
  • Institutional Integrity  
  • Unity 
  • Historical Acceptance

We acknowledge the wrongs of past government policies and the pain and suffering this has caused and continues to cause First Nations people.  We believe that reconciliation means working together to acknowledge past injustices with a commitment to shaping a unified future. 

A reconciled Australia will be a place where the Uluru Statement from the Heart is accepted and acted upon by government.  A reconciled Australia will be a place where our First Nations people have a voice in government and their traditions and culture are respected, valued, and celebrated by all Australians. 

At Mumbulla School we are committed to walking alongside First Nations people. We are committed to engaging with and learning from the Elders and emerging leaders of the Yuin Nation. We are committed to caring for country according to the wisdom, principles and practices of the Traditional Custodians of the Land on which our school stands.