Hayes Park Public School

August 2023 to August 2024

Our vision is to continue our journey of building and strengthening strong relationships founded on trust and respect between our school and the Dharawal community. We will continue to create meaningful, authentic opportunities inside and outside of our school for all our students and staff. 

Our commitment is to enhance community connections, build teacher capacity and provide appropriate learning for staff and students to remove uncertainty and hesitation around this topic, bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into our classrooms with joy and confidence. Working together, and sharing appropriate knowledge and authentic learning opportunities for students and staff will help facilitate respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and to break down the possibility of fear and prejudice for both now and later in life. 

We will continue to work closely and collaboratively with our school community and local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations to provide opportunities for every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and young person to achieve their potential through education. In doing so, we will also be supporting a two way dialogue founded on openness, understanding, trust and respect. 

We are dedicated to creating a school that celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by providing meaningful and authentic learning experiences and opportunities for students and staff. We will continually engage as a staff through professional learning and ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isander pedagogies are reflected into our learning and teaching programs and school environment to support and further all of our students understanding about our nation's shared history.

Our aspiration for reconciliation is for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to feel seen, known and valued within our learning community and all non-Indigenous people to be empowered with knowledge.