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28 Mar 2022

Reconciliation Resource – Narragunnawali Learning Circles

On Thursday 31 March, Reconciliation Australia is launching Learning Circles for the Narragunnawali RAP Community.

Learning Circles are an opportunity for schools and early learning services with published RAPs to connect with the wide Narragunnawali RAP community of practice.

Held online each month, Learning Circles are designed to support deeper conversation and collaboration in the Narragunnawali community, and to build a strong national network of reconciliation in education champions. 

The Narragunnawali Learning Circles will focus on the unique place of schools and early learning services within the RAP community.

With guided discussions, storytelling and Q&As, each Narragunnawali RAP Learning Circle offers participants the opportunity to focus on the key pillars of the RAP framework (relationships, respect and opportunities), and share learnings, achievements and aspirations from in the classroom, around the school or service, and with the community. 

Learning Circle registrations are open for RAP Working Group members at schools and early learning services with a current published RAP.

If this is you, we’ve been in touch with information about how to register and participate!

Don’t have a published RAP? Don’t worry! You will be notified about how to register for a Learning Circle as soon as your RAP is published.

In the meantime, we encourage you to connect with our team and the wider Narragunnawali RAP community by:

Keep an eye and ear out for more updates about this exciting new initiative, and keep in touch!

We look forward to fostering a safe yet brave environment for participants to exchange insights, ideas and inspiration with likeminded and like-hearted individuals keen to demonstrate leadership within their reconciliation in education journeys.