Joining us for a Narragunnawali webinar is a great way to meet members of our team, hear stories from guest speakers, and engage with core insights around reconciliation in education, no matter where you are! Narragunnawali webinars are free and registration is simple, whether you choose to join from your work or home computer.

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Registering for one of our live webinars is a great opportunity to engage in real-time conversation and professional learning, guided by representatives from the Narragunnawali team. All registrants will also receive an email link to a copy of the webinar recording even if they cannot make it to the live session.

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The Narragunnawali team looks forward to releasing a series of recorded, on-demand webinars throughout the year. These can be registered for, and engaged with, at any time anywhere! 

Click on the registration links in the tiles below to access any of our current on-demand webinars.

Reconciliation in Education Webinar Series

The Reconciliation in Education webinar series includes three parts, An Introduction, Talking the Walk and Walking the Talk. Visit the Reconciliation in Education webinar series page to learn more each webinar and explore the accompanying professional learning resources.

RAP Action Series Webinars

The RAP Actions Series is designed to explore the 14 minimally required Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Actions for schools and early learning services. Each webinar focuses on two RAP Actions in depth, introducing participants to information, ideas and resources to support the implementation of the Action.