Get news on reconciliation in Australia, ideas for driving reconciliation in schools and early learning services, and highlights of great things happening in schools and early learning services across the country. 

12 Oct 2021

Narragunawali News Update - October 2021

This issue of Narragunnawali News will highlight how schools and early learning services can influence reconciliation – both in the classroom and in your own personal journey towards national justice.

We will meet the Narragunnawali Awards finalists for 2021; schools and early learning services that have taken on the challenge of learning, sharing and growing their journey towards reconciliation in their community. Each of their stories highlights the great and imaginative power that crafting a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for your school or service can have.

The 2021 Australian Reconciliation Convention is next month, and will be the first national reconciliation gathering in more than 20 years. Delivered over three half-days exclusively via EventCast, the Convention will be a vibrant and historic landmark event in Australia’s reconciliation journey. Tickets are now available at 10% off.

Spotlight on – Narragunnawali Awards 2021 Finalists

Meet the six finalists for the 2021 Narragunnawali Awards, selected by our judging panel for doing great things for reconciliation in their communities. The winners will be announced at the Australian Reconciliation Convention.

Teacher Feature – Dr Naomi Priest, professor of social epidemiology

Dr Naomi Priest looks at how social factors and social forces – such as racism – impact the health of our population. Find out more about the three levels of racism and how projects like Speak Out Against Racism can help schools implement effective anti-racism action.

Destiny Deacon, Blak 2020, light jet print, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Reconciliation in the Media – Language and Terminology

Language is itself active, and can impact on attitudes, understandings and relationships in a very real sense. We look at how these media stories shed light on the important relationship between language and action in moving our nation’s reconciliation journey from safe to brave.

Reconciliation Resource – ABC’s The School That Tried to End Racism

A new three-part series on the ABC, The School That Tried to End Racism follows a group of primary school students engaged in a ground-breaking pilot program, tracking their growth in recognising and addressing issues of racism, prejudice and stereotyping. There are ABC and Narragunnawali resources to complement this series as a teaching resource.