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12 Oct 2021

Reconciliation Resource – ABC's The School That Tried To End Racism

The School That Tried To End Racism | Official Trailer - YouTube

The School That Tried to End Racism is a new three-part series that premiered on the ABC on 21 September. Following a group of primary school students engaged in a ground-breaking pilot program, the series tracks their growth in recognising and addressing issues of racism, prejudice and stereotyping.

Racism and your RAP

Taking Action Against Racism is one of the 14 minimally required Actions in a Narragunnawali Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). As we know, racism can have serious negative consequences for the people who experience it, for those who witness it, and for wider society. When racism is properly understood it is easier to overcome.

About the Series

Hosted by Walkley award-winning journalist, Marc Fennell, The School That Tried to End Racism follows an ordinary, multicultural class in a NSW primary school through a bold new program – the first time it’s been implemented in Australia.

Leading expert Professor Fiona White and a team of inspirational educators attempt to reverse the racial bias of these Year 6 students, giving them tools to identify bias and make positive change.

Experts believe that addressing racism at an early age may be a simple but effective solution. If we can fix racial bias in childhood, then perhaps we can fix racial inequality in adulthood.

The series is an authentic and effective learning tool for both students and educators, prompting some deeper questions about the ways we discern and understand the concepts of race and anti-racism.

Engaging with the series, and the accompanying ABC Education Resources of short clips and discussion questions, is a great way to start this important conversation and ultimately, move your journey towards reconciliation from safe to brave.

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