Heritage Parc Busy Bees

Early learning service
September 2021 to September 2022

After reviewing our current Reconciliation Action Plan we have been able to reflect on our services practices and how the culture is embedded within the different rooms and environments. To ensure we are appropriately and respectfully incorporating a wide range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture we have participated in different education courses. Our vison is to reflect The Wonnarua people as not only the original custodians of this land but also to be acknowledged for the wealth, rich cultural knowledge which pocess and can bring to our service. We want to be a service where emerging leaders in local community are supported and celebrated. We wish to present a service that reconizes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children as the creative thinkers and doers of today and tomorrow, Our vision is for all members of our centre community to feel represented within our service.

As a service we aim to provide a safe environment for all Indigenous members within our school community and the wider community to share their stories and pass their knowledge onto non-Indigenous members. We are striving to enhance the connection of Australia's shared national identity, this will be achieved through a shared space that encourages the families of Busy Bees Heritage Parc to incorporate the many cultures within the service while promoting the Indigenous ways. This will be achieved through sharing of the Nation’s First Peoples herbs and sharing of many Dreamtime stories. We aim to incorparate a section where families can share and swap recipes and bring these recipes into our rooms where all children can be immersed in cultural cooking in both traditional and new ways.

The inclusion of this area is to create a space where we as a service can embrace the culture of the Indigenous people, while providing an inclusive environment where all people are welcomed and encouraged to share in our journey of developing our knowledge of the Traditional custodians of this land.