Goodstart Geelong East


The community of Goodstart Geelong East has a vision for reconciliation that sees a continuous and harmonious relationships with our nation’s First Peoples.  We respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people’s cultures and beliefs; and it is through knowledge and taking action that we can work together; learning and growing a deeper understanding through all areas of our centre. 

We recognise our role as educators as one to communicate knowledge to our children, families and selves to form a solid platform of understanding. We believe that there is a need to ensure that our nation’s First Peoples cultures are learnt about in the early years, as these are the foundation and formative years of development which set the scene for a child's future learning.

We believe that through knowledge, showing respect, and in developing connections within our local community; we can promote and encourage a sense of welcomeness and unity. It will connect us to build a future that values all people and is peaceful and unified.

Early learning service
September 2019 to September 2020
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