Goodstart Mount Waverley

Early learning service
October 2021 to October 2022

Our Vision is to respect and acknowledge the unique connection that Aboriginal and Toress Strait Islander peoples have with the Lands on which Early Learning across Australia are situated,and help to build genuine,respectful relationships with all children and families who attend these centres.

We are dedicated to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are actively recognised for being Australians First Nations people and we are committed to gathering a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres StraitIsander ways of knowing and learning.

Our focus will be in developing genuine, respectful,relationships with Aboriginal and Toress Strait Islander families and communities of our community. We seek to embed an awareness of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures into our programs that promote an understanding of diversity and inclusiveness. It is hoped that as a result, a high degree of empathy would develop in the relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indgenious members of our community,and that growing desire for reconciliation would be born.

Goodstart Mt Waverley values Aboriginal and Torres Straite Islander peoples and cultures and contributions that Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities can make to our centre and the wider community.

We aspire to work towards a reconciled future where everyone is acknowledged,respected,and involved. By engaging children,families and the wider community,we can worktogether towards an equal and equitable Australia.

To foster reconciliation and respect differance and diversity ,both personal and cultural,we all need to work together and form a bond to become an inclusive,accepting community.