Goodstart Rosanna


At Goodstart Rosanna we wish to show our respect to the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Lands that our service is situated on. We also wish to foster relationships that will build respect and trust and that one day, Traditional Custodians will feel comfortable to share  songlines and stories that connect them to their Country.  We strive to be listeners and to be welcomed by the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community on their Land and Country.  Priority should be given to how to learn about, appreciation of and caring for our environment and to show gratitude for the Country we find ourselves guests on.  We need to initiate the act of reconciliation with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community so we can form a united front in combating the lack of unity and consultation.

We are working towards a knowledge and understanding that a unified nation is being sought after. This presents a pivotal opportunity to work together for reconciliation. As a nation, we must focus on the things that unite us so that we can redress the things that still divide us. We must continue to harness the goodwill and aspirations of the Australian people and continue the national conversation in the foreseeable future and beyond to achieve a reconciled, just, equitable and equal Australia.

We aim to cast out beliefs based on stereotypes and present a united belief in equality and equity for all. Past wrongs have to be faced, acknowledged, and prevented from happening all over again for success in unity as a nation.

However, if we are to be a reconciled nation, we must advance in all areas and aspects of reconciliation. Until Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are given the same opportunities as non-Indigenous Australians, we cannot say that we are anywhere near reconciled. Prejudice and racism is still present today and have to be non-existent for us to say we are truly reconciled.

Early learning service
January 2021 to January 2022
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