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1 Dec 2020

Narragunnawali Awards 2021 – Nominate a school or learning service now!


We are excited to announce nominations for the Narragunnawali Awards 2021 are now open!

Looking back on a challenging year, there has been a lot to both reflect on and celebrate—but what has stood out is the strength, courage and leadership that you, our Narragunnawali community have demonstrated.

We are now asking parents, carers, staff, students, and community members to nominate a school or early learning service that they believe is demonstrating exceptional commitment to reconciliation in education.

The Awards

The Narragunnawali Awards are the first national awards program in Australia to recognise and celebrate educational environments implementing outstanding reconciliation initiatives—across the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors.

Finalist schools and early learning services are acknowledged for the ways in which they strengthen relationships, build respect, and provide meaningful opportunities in the classroom, around the school or early learning service, and with the community.

Check out the winners of the Narragunnawali Awards 2019

Award Categories

Schools: this category incorporates primary, secondary, senior secondary and combined schools within the Government, Independent or Catholic sectors.

Early Learning: this category incorporates early childhood education and care, preschool, family day care and out of school hours care services.

How to nominate

  • Fill in the nomination form.
  • Once a school or early learning service is nominated, the Principal/Director and, where relevant, wider RAP Working Group, will be notified and encouraged to formally apply for a Narragunnawali Award 2021.
  • Nominations can be submitted online any time before Friday April 30, 2021 via the Narragunnawali Awards page.


Make sure to check that your RAP Working Group details are up to date so you can receive the nominations from your community!