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8 May 2018

Narragunnawali News – National Reconciliation Week 2018

This special edition of Narragunnawali News focuses on National Reconciliation Week (NRW), which is just around the corner!

NRW is held every year between 27 May and 3 June. NRW is bookended by two important dates: the anniversary of the 1967 referendum, and the anniversary of the historic High Court Mabo decision.

The theme for NRW 2018 is Don’t Keep History a Mystery. This year, we invite Australians to Learn, Share and Grow by exploring our past, learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, and developing a deeper understanding of our national story.

These stories and resources will provide you with ideas for engaging with the theme as part of your NRW celebrations. You can also access individual articles on the News page.