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1 Dec 2022

Reconciliation Resource – December 2022

Liddia Mosquito, Gija student on Gija Country (supplied) 

Jajoo Warrngara: The Culture Classroom has officially launched  

Created in collaboration with First Nations partner communities, Jajoo Warrngara is a set of community-led and approved resources, films, exhibitions, installations and more – for teachers and students.

The premise of this project is about transforming Sharing Stories Foundation's art projects into educational offerings, with the permission of the communities that have been involved in sharing their stories. 50 per cent of revenue raised by resource subscriptions back into those communities.  

Visit to find out more.  

The Australian Wars 

There are over ten thousand monuments throughout Australia that honour those who have died in overseas conflicts. But what about the bloody battles fought on our home soil, in our longest-running wars, the Frontier Wars?  

In a new three-part documentary series, The Australian Wars, director and presenter Rachel Perkins, an Arrernte and Kalkadoon woman, journeys across the country to give voice to the stories of these conflicts and to tell the truth about Australia’s history.  

In recognition of the documentary’s educational value, Blackfella Films and SBS Learn have collaborated with Culture is Life, to publish curriculum-aligned education resources about the Frontier Wars. Before using this resource, please watch the pre-viewing video on creating a culturally safe teaching environment.  

Watch the trailer to The Australian Wars by visiting:

AIATSIS Evaluating Resources Guide 

In October 2022 AIATSIS published the AIATSIS Guide to evaluating and selecting education resources. The Guide assists non-Indigenous educators to critically self-reflect on history and the effect it has on pedagogical practices today.   

The Guide supports educators to make conscious and critical decisions when selecting curriculum resources to ensure they reflect all children, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

It allows teachers to ensure curriculum resources selected for teaching do not cause harm to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, but foster trust and build a sense of pride for all. 

You can download the AIATSIS Evaluating Resources Guide by visiting:

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) launch Series 1 of podcast 

The ECA podcast series, hosted by Genevieve Jacobs, will feature Adam Duncan and Jo Goodwin as subject matter experts.  

Together, they will draw on their experience and professional perspectives on some of the key obstacles faced by educators surrounding reconciliation in the early childhood education and care sector.  

Each episode will explore different themes such as; the diversity within our team, Closing the Gap, the value of trauma-informed practice, and this year's Reconciliation theme: Be Brave. Make Change.