Gymea Community Preschool


At Gymea Community Preschool reconciliation is providing a service where respectful and reciprocal relationships are developed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. We will respectfully embed the First Peoples of Australia’s cultures and histories into our program and everyday practice so that educators can teach about, role-model and encourage cultural competence in all children. The preschool will acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Land to show awareness of and respect for the First Peoples of Australia and their continuing connection to their Country.

Reconciliation means listening to our community to inform and enable our vision. Educators will empower and work with families from a strength-based perspective, acknowledging their expertise and building on it. Educators will actively involve families in planning and evaluating learning. Where possible the preschool will work with the Dharawal people, community members and agencies to promote genuine engagement and build trust. Our community events will include extending invitations to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and, where possible, facilitate a Welcome to Country.

Our practices and pedagogy will encompass cultural competence and honour the histories, cultures, languages, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices of families. Our educators will recognise the successes and continued potential of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and contributions in shaping educational (and wider) outcomes.

Our environments will have provisions that are authentic and represent the diversity within our First People’s community. They will communicate our respect and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions. Our indoor and outdoor environments as well as our façade will welcome all families.

Our vision for reconciliation will continue to evolve and be shaped by the community, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families at our service and the knowledge our staff share. We commit to ongoing learning to keep our vision meaningful and relevant.

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July 2020 to July 2021
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