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7 Dec 2023

Reconciliation Resource – The Healing Foundation’s Stolen Generations Resource Kit for Teachers and Students Expanded

The Healing Foundation has recently expanded its Stolen Generations Resource Kit for Teachers and Students to include lesson plans from foundation to Year 12. Developed in collaboration with Stolen Generations survivors and First Nations and non-Indigenous teachers, the kit aligns with the Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0.

Uncle David Wragge, a Wakka Wakka man and Stolen Generations survivor, highlights the kit as a critical step toward educating future generations: "This kit is a way forward for our people. Having our true history taught across Australia will equip our future leaders with the correct knowledge to be able to right the wrongs of the past. Young Australians are thirsty for this knowledge and for me as an Elder and a Stolen Generations survivor, it's important for me to continue sharing my knowledge with the next generations so that the things that happened to me never happen again."

The updated kit, available for free download offers comprehensive resource materials, including plug-n-play PowerPoints and a detailed educator guide. These resources aim to equip teachers with the tools and confidence they need to approach the topic of the Stolen Generations in a culturally safe and age-appropriate manner. Educator Jessica praises the alignment with the curriculum, stating it will "support teachers in ensuring that the correct information is going out there."

The expanded Stolen Generations Resource Kit is pivotal in educating future generations about a complex part of Australia's history. Its culturally sensitive approach and curriculum-aligned resources aim to foster meaningful conversations and education around Australia's Stolen Generations, contributing to broader societal understanding and reconciliation.

Download your free lesson plans and supporting resources via your membership or visit The Healing Foundation for more information about the Stolen Generations in Australia.