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3 Apr 2023

Spotlight On - Reconciliation in the Regions

Looking for activities and information about reconciliation in your state or territory? 

The Australian Reconciliation Network (ARN) is comprised of state and territory reconciliation organisations that run as separate entities to Reconciliation Australia. Each state and territory body promotes a deeper understanding, respect and justice for, and with, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They also work to support, educate and inspire their broader communities to engage in reconciliation. Learn more about their education initiatives and resources below.

Reconciliation NSW

• Regular e-news with updates for educators and information about free quarterly reconciliation in education webinars 
• Lesson plans, activities and downloadable reconciliation in education kit
• The annual NSW/ACT Schools Reconciliation Challenge, where students are invited to reflect on what reconciliation means to them. 
• The Pathways to Reconcilation program which supports NSW schools to implement reconciliation initiatives.
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Reconciliation Queensland 

• On-site visits, presentations, webinars and workshops to schools and early learning services.
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Reconciliation South Australia

• Access education packs, lesson plans and activities
• Subscribe to the education mailing list and monthly e-newsletter
• Request a workshop
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Reconciliation Tasmania 

• Workshops about local information such as The Orb, resources for Reconciliation Action Plans and other reconciliation in education initiatives.
• Learn about Youth Speakout – a yearly event celebrating and expressing themes of Reconciliation by the next generation for students from year 5 to year 12.
• Circle Group – comprising representatives from key organisations connected to education.
• Youth Mob – an Aboriginal youth led initiative focussed on leadership and empowerment pathways.
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Reconciliation Victoria 

• Find out more about Reconciliation Victoria’s education initiatives
• Find a local reconciliation group

Reconciliation Western Australia

• Subscribe to the Reconciliation in Education Newsletter
• Copming soon: Reconciliation Through Education Constitutional Centre Program is a place-based program designed for Year 3 and Year 4 Primary School students. 
• Join the Reconciliation in Education – WA closed Facebook Group 
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ACT Reconciliation Council

The ACT Reconciliation Council plays a vital role in promoting reconciliation across Canberra, encouraging all members of the community to learn more about the histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Reconciliation in the Northern Territory

Watch this space! 

A Reconciliation Network Forum will be held in Darwin on 11-12 April to discuss what a culturally safe, respectful, and responsive reconciliation network might look like in the Territory. 

We will also be co-delivering some Narragunnawali professional learning workshops for teachers and principals on:

  • Friday 12 May for Early Childhood Education and Care Professionals (register here)
  • Saturday 13 May for School Leaders and Teachers (register here)