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22 Aug 2022

Narragunnawali Platform Updates – RAP Network Feature

Formalising collective commitment to reconciliation through the establishment of reconciliation networks recognises the importance of relationships, and the value of working collaboratively to progress reconciliation initiatives. 

If you are a member of a RAP, the new RAP Network feature on the Narragunnawali platform allows Working Groups to acknowledge connections between their school or early learning service and other schools/services on their RAP journeys. 

The new RAP Network page, (accessible via the ‘Your RAP’ tab), supports RAP Working Group Chairs to manage existing RAP Network connections, as well as request and accept new ones. 

All Working Group members can also download a PDF copy of their school or service’s RAP Network. 

For schools or services with a public RAP, RAP Network connections will be visible on the Who has a RAP? map.