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Our service philosophy enshrines the value our organisation places on the rights of the child, including 'the right to be accepted.' We want this RAP to help us to extend on that belief and remind us that not only should all children and families in our service be accepted, but they should also be represented and celebrated for the value they bring to our organisation and to their community. 

We are guided by the code of ethics, that:

In relation to children, we will... 'ensure that children are not discriminated against' and 'create and maintain 'safe, healthy, inclusive environments.'

In relation to families, we will... 'learn about and respect the uniqueness of each family, their circumstances, culture, family structure, customs, language, beliefs and kinship groups.'

In relation to community and society, we will... 'collaborate with people, services and agencies to develop shared understandings and actions that support children and families.' 

We want this RAP to light the path for us to follow to achieve these goals and aspirations as we continue to strive for a fair and equitable future for our children, families and employees. We recognise the immense value of working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and learning from them. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have unique and valuable perspectives which must be respectfully explored and preserved for further generations of Australians. The knowledge gained over many thousands of years of attachment to Country is vital for a sustainable future for all Australians.

June 2019 to June 2020
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