Great Beginnings Kenwick


  Great Beginnings Kenwick would like to acknowledge the Beeliar tribe of the Noongar people and other Traditional Owners of the Kenwick area. Our vision for reconcilliation begins with our acknowledgement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Tradional Owners of Lands across Australia and our recognition of the cultural and spirtiral connections that continue to nature this Land. Reconciliation is about unity and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians. 

Our commitment to this journey reflects our values, our respect for the rights of children,and our desire for all Australians to have the natural expectation of a positive future. We will continue to learn alongside children, openly, honestly and with integrity. We will at all times be mindful of the children in our care and the families in our community. With respect, empathy and understanding we will incorporate age-appropriate stories, practises, experiences and language, as we seek to embed the foundations for positive outcomes for all Australians. 

We understand the importance of home cultures, historical perspectives and languages for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, on their developing identity and self-worth.  We are committed to positvely reflecting and promoting children's identities, in our desire for all children to strive. All children need to have a sense of belonging and strong connections with their community in order to confidently interact with their world, puff up their chests with pride in themselves and their families and feel comfortable in their surroundings.  We believe that in order to reconcile we must strive to learn, value and respectfully teach histories, cultures and ways of being so that we can better understand and respect their perspectives. Promoting inclusion and respect for diversity is a big part of the reconciliation process and how we can as a service make a difference to the community around us. When people have a better understanding of the world around them it then provides opportunities for continuous embeded practises that respect both inclusion and diversity within the community and its surroundings.


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