Pelican Point Preschool and Long Day Care Centre

Early learning service
May 2022 to May 2023

Within Pelican Point Preschool, reconciliation creates a meaningful coming together and aims to bring together different experiences, cultures and knowledges to create an inclusive learning environment every day.

A reconciled Australia looks like everyone sharing their cultures and acknowledging that amongst differences there are similarities and we can all learn from each other and reflect on the past histories and events that have occured and still occuring today.

Reconciled Australians feel open, positive and are non-biased, non-judgmental, warm and friendly.

Our educators are committed to creating meaningful and respectful learning experiences that are not tokenistic. Educators will continue to build positive relationships with our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and research and contact local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support services to clarify information. The most powerful step Pelican Point Preschool can take in the future is to broaden our awareness and knowledge in relation to the impact of historical events and share information with our pre-schoolers, their families and visitors and within our wider community to increase understanding of the past and emphasise the positive new events and stories that are occurring today.

This will encompass everyone's learning journey to meaningfully engage in all aspects of our intentional teaching and learning environments. Educators aim to reflect on current practices and conintune to research and resource current changes occuring within the ECC.