Ourimbah Preschool & Children's Centre


We come to reconciliation with open hearts. To listen, to understand and to act.

To reconcile, is to act in a way that brings together what was set apart. At KU Ourimbah, we strive to find the point of friendship where we acknowledge the hurts of the past and pursue an understanding of how this ripples through  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, as we encounter in the present and earnestly seek a shared sense of unity and identity for Australia in the future. 

As a part of our work in supporting the wellbeing, cultural safety and healthy development of Australian citizens, we aim to contribute to a narrowing of the gap that has opened between non-Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples over generations. 

We seek a relationship with our local Aboriginal community, to safeguard the future in unity, together. It is upon this foundation, we will ensure the inclusion of all peoples who are invited to learn about our First Peoples culture alongside us, do so with the support and generosity of members of our local community.

Our vision for reconciliation, is to belong to a community where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians live together in a spirit of trust and openness, bringing about hope, healing, love, justice and peace in our world. 

We value the voices of children who have opinions and wishes and an entitlement to have a stake in things that affect them now and later in life. 

KU Ourimbah is a community that acknowledges and respects the unique cultures, histories and spiritualities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As educators we endeavour to create a shared sense of place through equity, inclusion and the provision of opportunities for all families. This will ensure our service is culturally safe for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, where friendship is the cornerstone.

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