Active Kids Centre - Narwee No 1

Early learning service
June 2024 to June 2025

Our vision for reconciliation is to ensure we are providing a culturally safe and inclusive environment where educators, children and families are given the opportunity to build authentic learning and respectful understanding about Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ cultures histories, and perspectives. 

We are committed to providing opportunities that will contribute to respectfully facilitating reconciliation between First Nations peoples and non-Indigenous Australians in our Early Learning community. 

All families, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families will experience respectful relationships and participate in experiences that authentically consider the true histories and cultures of Traditional Custodians. Part of our commitment to reconciliation is to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees experience respect and equity in employment and opportunities. We will provide children with access to facilitate learning experiences with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members in a respectful way which enhances children's knowledge and understanding of First Nations peoples’ heritages and encourages connectedness to First Nations peoples within our centre and broader community. We aim to maintain positive relationships and links to the Bediagal people of the Eora Nation which are respectfully embedded throughout our educational program and daily routines. Our commitment to reconciliation can facilitate change for the current and future generations. Developing awareness, knowledge and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures and histories will reap benefits in all children from an early age. By exploring issues of fairness, justice, equity, and equality, we hope to develop a sense of belonging in those future generations, leading to a community where reconciliation will be strong and ongoing.