KU Petersham Preschool

Early learning service
August 2021 to August 2022

KU Petersham Preschool's vision for reconciliation is to continue a process where we try to understand the past and how it impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our community today. We are committed to finding connections with our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, including Aboriginal peak bodies, because we believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples can best identify the issues which impact on them and also to guide our thinking about how we can best respond to their ideas, needs and aspirations related to reconciliation, and to learn and grow as a preschool community.

Working to understand white privilege and how this impacts on the lens of decision makers is important to ensure our Preschool is a place free of judgement. In our everyday practice, we have the opportunity to reach children and their families, creating opportunities for our changing attitudes and values to ripple outwards.

Mutual respect can only be achieved when the Preschool demonstrates a willingness to change and learn, understanding that all people are unique and valuable. We appreciate that intergenerational trauma may be a lived experience for members of our educational community, and that it can impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ sense of identity and well-being. We also appreciate the continued strengths and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures in the face of historical and intergenerational injustices. As such, we need to learn more about this so that we can better reflect on and strengthen our practices.