Geelong College

October 2020 to October 2021

As a school, we value the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and respect their deep and abiding connection with the Land. We acknowledge in particular the Wadawurrung People as the Traditional Owners of the Land upon which this school is built and with their guidance we seek to further our appreciation of their custodianship of the Land so that we may share this responsibility with them.

The Geelong College also recognises that as a school we are in a privileged position to educate our young people toward a reconciled Australia that aims for unity, equity and equality. As with all students we are committed to providing equal opportunities for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as we aspire for them to find their place in a future which values their unique contributions to a diverse and inclusive society.

Our school motto Be of Courage: This is the way to the stars reminds us that our reconciliation journey requires the courage to look at the past openly and honestly and by acknowledging the injustices perpetrated against First Nation's Peoples, our shared pathway into the future will be strengthened.

This Reconciliation Action Plan has been developed in consultation with staff, students, parents and the wider community. Its development reflects our responsibility to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, their families and communities, the Wadawurrung people and to all Australia’s First Nations Peoples.

The three components of the plan: Respect, Relationships and Opportunities have allowed us to critically evaluate our actions as well as celebrate the progress we have made thus far. Most importantly it will be our guide for the future to ensure that our contribution to reconciliation is on-going, meaningful and authentic.