Kennedy Kids Childcare

Early learning service
May 2022 to May 2023

Our vision for reconciliation at Kennedy Kids Childcare is guided by our centre philosophy statement ‘We are one’. We understand that everyone is different and unique, and we respect each child for who they are and what they bring to our environments. We create inclusive environments to cater for all abilities and cultures.  We understand that all cultures, family structure, gender, abilities etc are important to each person’s identity, including our own countries' cultures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and teach our children about our diverse world.  We embrace unity between Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples and other Australians, and a national culture that represents equality and equity, historical acceptance of our shared history and removal of negative race relations. Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community and the Aboriginal and Torres strait islander peoples. We are here to educate our children of the future whilst incorporating a sense of being, belonging and becoming at our centre. We at Kennedy Kids Childcare provide children with a range of learning experiences in a respectful way which enhances children’s knowledge and understand of our country’s Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander heritage and encourages connectedness to first peoples within our centre and broader community, maintaining positive relationships and links to the Wadjuk people which is being embedded throughout our centres curriculums and daily routines.