Aranda Afters Association

Early learning service
June 2022 to June 2023

Our vision for reconciliation is the healing of a nation’s soul. Aranda Afters Association (AAA) believes that reconciliation is rooted in the acknowledgement of the deep hurts of the past for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  We believe that a crucial aspect of reconciliation is healing through acceptance of  past and present wrongdoings so that our actions henceforth will be better informed. We believe that the process of healing as a united nation begins with acknowledging these injustices. AAA will contribute to the holistic, nationwide process that aims to promote justice, equity and equality in Australia and in Australia's shared history since colonisation. We understand that, as educators, we hold an integral and meaningful role in promoting reconciliation through present and future generations. We acknowledge the importance of authentic and open dialogue, as we believe achieving reconciliation is built from this, in collaboration with respect, and trust. We are committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities generally, and specifically with our local Traditional Custodians, the Ngunnawal people, to ensure that we successfully and respectfully embed their culture in meaningful ways into our practice. Our goal is to enhance children’s knowledge, understanding and respect of our nation’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ heritages. We will further encourage our children to build a connectedness to and love for Country. To achieve this, we will focus on respectfully embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ perspectives in all aspects of programming appropriate to student’s developmental ages. Most importantly, to us, reconciliation is a shared journey that requires not just our words but our actions. Moving forward, we are determined to seek the local Ngunnawal Elders’ and communities’ guidance to respectfully engage our children in their wonderful culture. Through this partnership, we will provide children with opportunities to listen, learn, and share.