West Epping Preschool


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures have survived tens of thousands of years by sharing stories, lessons and memories to educate the new generation.  


To the community of West Epping Preschool, a reconciled Australia is a country where all of its citizens are afforded the respect they deserve, are given a voice and platform from which to share knowledge and expertise towards the bettering of Country. A reconciled Australia would feel united under a common respect for Country where First Australians expert knowledge is considered and acted upon by all Australians. We have a large population of new Australians at our service and we see this as an opportunity for us to share the rich cultural teachings of the First Australians. We hope to encourage reconciliation with our preschool aged children by exposing them to the joy and unique perspectives offered by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Through embedding these cultures and teachings into our programs we hope to teach respect and to create a space that is welcoming to all people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


We hope to be able to influence the perspective of not only our students but, our families to ensure that they are educated and regard Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with respect. We hope to continue to build connections with people in our broader community so that we can rectify this gap in our teaching and take steps towards future reconciliation.

Early learning service
July 2019 to July 2020
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