Honeybee Child Care Centre


Honeybee’s vision for reconciliation is one of unity; a vision of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures and languages celebrated with pride as part of the diverse tapestry of cultural backgrounds that our community is built upon.

Through stories and song, we will build a common culture of respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, perspectives and histories.

We will commit to a strong standard of cultural competency for our team, allowing us to break down stereotypes and paint a true picture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia for the children in our care.

We will celebrate the diversity of cultures and languages of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through an inclusive daily practice that binds our actions to our beliefs.

We will acknowledge the truth of our nation’s past as we build the foundations for a united future.

This is a vision in which our First Peoples walk proudly among us; a vision in which we turn to the knowledge systems of the world’s longest continuing cultures for guidance in caring for this land we share and call home.

We envision positive, reciprocal partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members, deepening our understandings through discourse and cultural exchange.

We will investigate and implement appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pedagogies to ensure an authentic and holistic curriculum, truly embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the way we teach.

We aim to foster in our children an innate respect and appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and languages. We dream for these children to hold onto this affinity as they grow and spread the seeds of respect along the many tracks they walk, long after our paths have diverged. For this, our final, most vital action, is empowering the children with whom we work to carry on our work for us.

This is the way our vision for reconciliation will come to life.

Early learning service
August 2020 to August 2021
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Classroom View
Cultural Competence for Staff View
Welcome to Country View
Celebrate National Reconciliation Week View
Build Relationships with Community View
Explore Current Affairs and Issues View
Acknowledgement of Country View
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags View
Take Action Against Racism View
Curriculum Planning View
Inclusive Policies View
Staff Engagement with RAP View
Celebrate RAP Progress View
Teach about Days of National Significance View
Teach about Reconciliation View
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