Sheldon College Early Years

This RAP also includes:
  • Sheldon College Kindergarten
  • Sheldon College Our Place OSHC

Our Vision for reconciliation is nurturing a vibrant and connected community that welcomes all its members and values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples cultures, histories and contributions.

We aim to work closely with stakeholders, partners and local community to make this a reality throughout our service as well as through each of the services we provide.

We recognise and value the work and teachings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities across Australia.

We believe in raising awareness and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and that through on-going learning and education we will deepen our connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Through working together and including children from a young age we can collectively build our understanding for a better future based on stronger relationships between all Australians.

We are committed to raising awareness about reconciliation, demonstrating this commitment and raising the profile of reconciliation in our community.

We need to develop an understanding of and reflect on the injustices that continue to impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples since colonisation, as well as recognise and acknowledge the strengths and resilience shown by the First Nations peoples in the face of discrimination.

We have the ability to incorporate this vision into all areas of our service with the intention that this will empower others to embrace reconciliation.

Early learning service
January 2021 to January 2022
Early Years Learning Framework - Early Learning Specific View
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Cultural Competence for Staff View
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Build Relationships with Community View
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My Time, Our Place (School Age Care) View
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