Browns Plains Kids Early Learning Centre

Early learning service
June 2022 to June 2023

Our vision for reconciliation reflects a shared partnership between children, families, educators and the local community; encouraging a culture of collaborative participation where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their histories, languages, cultures and ways of knowing are respected and celebrated every day. We endeavour to nurture a community which acknowledges and understands the negative impacts of European colonisation and both the struggles and resilience of Australia’s First Nations peoples and the negative impact since colonisation. As a team of educators, in consultation with community Elders, we will continue to question, research and challenge our knowledge to support reconciliation. We believe that through actively listening to each other and engaging in respectful dialogue, we can ensure diverse voices are heard, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ heritage is sustained for future generations. Our centre policies, practices and pedagogy are reflective of this shared vision for a united Australia. In collaboration with community Elders, we strive to respectfully embed cultural perspectives into all areas of our service, to ensure authentic connections and the building of strong relationships. We understand the unique responsibility we have as a community of educators to ensure that future generations are informed and empowered, as we move towards a reconciled Australia. Our service is committed to being authentic in its offering of meaningful learning experiences for children, centred on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and perspectives, to ensure that a positive and inclusive message of reconciliation is practically supported. Our centre envisions an inclusive society, embracing and celebrating cultural diversity. Along our journey to achieving reconciliation, we strive to promote a united nation, where every child, family, educator and member of the community create a harmonious future.