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Mojo Montessori Child Care Centre's Vision for Reconciliation is to embody all-inclusiveness, by providing an environment which reflects the community, with a true awareness and appreciation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our shared community.

To us, a reconciled Australia is one which has embraced the story of its First Nation Peoples, which acknowledges the struggles they endured and how this continues and resonates into their story today. A reconciled Australia is a united nation where everyone feels safe and supported in their cultural background. Safe to share and to be heard. A cultural safety where people value and practise traditional ceremonies, learning from one another and being proud and sensitive to diversity. The Centre is committed to being welcoming to all and to providing a safe place for all, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.

Mojo Montessori aims to strengthen relationships with our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait community. It aims to participate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities in events and celebrations. We have room to reach out more to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, thereby building trust and strong, positive relationships between non-Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people in our Centre and wider community. We would like all our staff to be well inforormed and sensitive to the divers culture.

We can be more conscious of the activities and resources available to our children to ensure every child, in every class, has access to culturally appropriate resources which tends towards achieving our Vision of Reconciliation. We should ensure all who interact with the Centre are aware of our Vision of Reconciliation and encourage them to help us achieve it. 

We are committed to actively acknowledging the continued strengths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in supporting healthy relationships, families and communities, and to raising children to be strong in understanding and respecting the cultures of Australia's First Nation Peoples.

We aim to engage and work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their organisations in a respectful and culturally appropriate way and to have an understanding and knowledge about the past. 






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