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The Tatura Children Centre acknowledges the past and present inequalities and inequities  and inequities faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Poeples since colonisation. As an Early Childhood Service, we aim to role model organisational leaderhsip with the Early Childhood Sector on the journey of reconciliation. Our vision for the future is for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have equitable access, inclusion and opportunities, and where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People's cultures are honoured and respected.

As we strive towards this vision, it is important we acknowledge and strive towards achieving the five dimensions of reconciliation Australia as outlined in Reconciliation Australia's 'The State of Reconciliation in Australia Report: Race Relations, Equality and Equity, Unity, Institutional Integrity and Historical Acceptance.

The Tatura Children's Centre aims to continue to develop and implement its Reconciliation Action Plan in consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People's to ultimately benefit the broader Community. We aim to have meaningful conversations with our local Aboriginal and Torres Islander community as we believe it is through deep and meaningful conversations that mutual respect is achieved and relationships are formed.

TCC strives to provide leadership to the borader Community and build upon current activities and existing relationships to provide a framework for further learning, dialogue ad action.

The Tatura Children's Centre Reconciliation Action Plan underpins our commitment to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities on an agreed set of actions that will demonstrate respect, build relationships and provide opportunities. Tatura Children's Centre has a vision to ensure all of the practices we have in place and continue to have in place support reconciliation.


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February 2020 to February 2021
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