Colac East Kindergarten

Early learning service
August 2022 to August 2023

At Colac East Kindergarten our vision is to create a warm and inviting space that is inclusive of all people , especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples .  We believe that the acknowledgement of Australia’s First Nations peoples should be embedded into all aspects of our Kindergarten and that First Nations perspectives be respectfully included in learning activities with a hands-on approach.  We aim to work with staff, families, management, the Gulidjan peoples, and community members to reflect on our practises and help build understanding so that we can build respectful relationships between First Nations peoples and non-Indigenous people. We want to facilitate opportunities to engage with First Nations peoples’ perspectives. By reaching out to Caracaramigen House, the local Aboriginal Gathering Place, and other community Elders we will collaborate and create a space where everyone feels welcome and included.  We will provide appropriate resources that allow all children to develop and build on their understanding of  First Nations peoples.  Staff of Colac East Kindergarten will engage in ongoing professional development and resources to build their understanding of  First Nations peoples.  We believe that reconciliation can only be achieved through active, ongoing collaboration and open communication with all team members.  We look forward to enacting this vision to work toward deeply embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and histories into Colac East Kindergarten.