The Geelong College Early Learning Centre

Early learning service
June 2022 to June 2023

As a school, we value the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and respect their deep and abiding connection with the Land. We acknowledge in particular the Wadawurrung People as the Traditional Owners of the Land upon which this school is built and with their guidance, we seek to further our appreciation of their custodianship of the Land so that we may share this responsibility with them.

The Geelong College also recognises that as a school we are in a privileged position to educate our young people toward a reconciled Australia that aims for unity, equity and equality.

Our school motto Be of Courage: This is the way to the stars reminds us that our reconciliation journey requires the courage to look at the past openly and honestly and by acknowledging the injustices perpetrated against First Nation's Peoples, our shared pathway into the future will be strengthened.

This Reconciliation Action Plan has been developed in consultation with staff, students, parents and the wider community. Its development reflects our responsibility to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, their families and communities, the Wadawurrung people and to all Australia’s First Nations Peoples.

Early Learning at The Geelong College has been working formally toward reconciliation for several years now. We see reconciliation in action in our strong connection to the local Wadawurrung community and in the children's understanding of the land, animals and local language. We are committed to continuing to respectfully embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and understandings into our everyday programs in an authentic, meaningful and ongoing way. Our young citizens are thus growing up immersed in an environment that places reconciliation at the centre of all our programs.