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Reconciliation in our service means the respectful inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, languages and traditions into our daily programs. It sees our staff, educators and children demonstrating respect for Country. It means each educator consistently fosters activities to enrich children's knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and that these activities are not just present during national days of recognition, such as NAIDOC Week and National Sorry Day, but are embedded into everyday learning.  This means the next generation will be more informed and show more respect and understanding for the histories and cultures of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

We hope to be a service that is highly involved with local Aboriginal groups, schools and committees. We hope to gain confidence in respectfully incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into our daily programs. To reach our vision of an inclusive service, there are various actions that can be taken. The service will collaborate respectfully with local Aboriginal Elders and community members and extend meaningful opportunities and invitations for community members to build relationships and share their knowledge with our staff and children. Staff and educators will commit to more training to better understand ways that they can respectfully incorporate diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cutures and perspectives into their program, in a way that is beneficial to people of all cultures and ages.

Early learning service
November 2020 to November 2021
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