Kinder-Kare Early Childhood Learning Centre


Kinder Kare's  Early Learning's vision for reconciliation is working towards promoting respect and celebrating Australia’s First Nations peoples and their cultures. Kinder Kare Early Learning acknowledges that in order to succeed with our vision, we need to recognise historical inequalities and inequities and work in connection with all within our sphere of influence to create change.

Kinder Kare Early Learning is committed to reconciliation. Kinder Care Early Learning gives respect and appreciation to First Nations Peoples as the Traditional Owners of this Land on which we share today. KinderKare Early Learning gives thanks for the opportunity to share knowledge and build relationships with First Nations People.

Kinder Kare Early Learning is dedicated to working in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and in connection with the local Dharawal community.

Kinder Kare is committed to social revolution and positive outcomes towards a better Australia. We believe working together towards an inclusive environment.

Kinder Kare Early Learning acknowledge the important role of educators in respectfully providing children, families and the community with learnings about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and in respectfully fostering inclusion with the local Dharawal people to recognise First Peoples’ achievements, knowledge and spiritual connections to Country.

Kinder Kare Early Learning believe we have the opportunity to inform and present understanding and give acknowledgement to  First Nations peoples, by promoting cultural competence to all within our domain of inspiration.

Early learning service
May 2020 to May 2021
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Classroom View
Welcome to Country View
Cultural Competence for Staff View
Celebrate National Reconciliation Week View
Build Relationships with Community View
Teach about Reconciliation View
Explore Current Affairs and Issues View
Acknowledgement of Country View
Take Action Against Racism View
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags View
Curriculum Planning View
Inclusive Policies View
Staff Engagement with RAP View
Celebrate RAP Progress View